My name is Kristen Ham and I am the owner of Ranch Chic Corral.  I am a mother to 4 beautiful children and wife to husband Brady.

We live on a working cattle ranch in Northwest South Dakota.  I am a passionate woman who use to teach and coach but now have the opportunity to stay at home and create.  

Our family lives in beautiful country and we are 4th generation ranchers.  

I love to create, whether it be furniture,signs, gardening, landscaping, putting together outfits, decorating our ranch house..you name it and I pride myself in doing it.  Ranch Chic Corral started as a hobby and has grown over the past years to be my main job (besides being a mom and wife).  

Ranch Chic Corral is about a lifestyle.  It is a ranch lifestyle with flair. The goal is to offer women fun, classy pieces that accent their homes, lives, and themselves.  

Every woman should feel great about their life...including their attire, home, and their self.  Life is about being who you want to be and expressing it.  

Ranch Chic Corral offers items for your attire, your home, your own DIY projects, and more!  

Enjoy shopping!  


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